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NORTEX 2015 PresThings are heating up not only outside, but on the dance floors of our clubs, NORTEX, Texas and the nation. The 66th National Square Dance Convention is June 21-24 in Cincinnati. The 55th Annual Texas State Festival is June 8-10 in Wichita Falls. The 50th NORTEX Installation Dance is June 4th at Swingtime. Our clubs are renewing their memberships and have many special dances. Things will be moving hotter and faster so don’t miss your favorite events.

For those that didn’t attend the April NORTEX business meeting, changes are planned for the Promenade. The changes are designed to make it much easier to edit and publish the Promenade. Many years ago it took a large staff to create this publication. As time has passed technology has made it easier, but fewer people to help with the process continues to challenge us. Bates and Sherry Richmond have done an excellent job over the past two years and we greatly appreciate their efforts as well as all of those that helped them. It’s just time to simplify the process. The plan is to make this simple enough to allow anyone to easily create and edit a Promenade with very little effort. More information about the initial change is in this issue. We will be working on other changes to background processing later. In the end we want to create a process that anyone would feel comfortable and confident doing, making it much easier to rotate the job. We appreciate the support and patience of all of the Promenade readers.

We continue down our path to Round-Up 2017.  Our Round-Up Chair, Joe & Pat Cadenhead, and their committee members continue the work to create a fun and exciting event.  If you missed the Round-Up fashion show at the April NORTEX meeting you missed some really creative ideas for this 50’s theme. We are very lucky to have such an enthusiastic and creative committee. Our appreciation and complements go out to the entire group.

As we near the end of our second term as your president we have mixed emotions. While we look forward to the possibility of more free time we will miss the interaction with so many clubs and dancers. Over our two years in this office we have received so much support and encouragement. We cannot thank you enough for your warm smiles, helping hands and friendship every step of the way. You have shared your time and resources and made our lives so much better. This is an experience that we will remember all our lives with an inner warmth and glow that comes from friendship shared. We know the incoming officers will do an excellent job moving NORTEX forward. There is a lot of talent within that group and with your continuing support and help there is no doubt of their success. So as we say our final good-bye to this position please know we will still be on the dance floor with you, visiting clubs, going to special dances and sharing friendship and laughs, because as we all know, we should:       “Dance, It’s Entertainment, it’s Fun!”


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