Welcome to NORTEX


We are so excited to display the new international square dance logo and slogan on our cover this month. The ARTS Re-Image Committee began to work very closely with other organizations which were also looking at ways to update the image of square dancing. Extensive discussion and cooperation with the CALLERLAB Marketing Committee resulted in selection and approval of a new slogan and logo. The slogan “Live Lively – Square Dance” is intended to project the spirit of square dancing as a lively fun filled activity.

We want to thank the dedicated club members and callers who guide our new dancers through lessons and on their way to the dance floor. It is so encouraging to have so many students in lessons this spring; so please be an encouragement to all you dance with. We awarded six clubs with $200 lessons grant awards in February. The spring deadline for lessons grant is July 1st. This is free money for taking the time to fill out the appropriate forms.

Round-Up 2015 will be October 31st – November 1st with Callers Cavalcade October 30th. Jerry Story will make sure we have a fantastic square dance program. He will be joined by Mike Bramlett and Bobby Willis as the staff callers. The 2014 Survey results were in favor of multiple callers, so you will have three wonderful callers. We will also have two exceptional cuers, Christine Hixson & Karen Gloodt.  Come Sail Away for an enjoyable weekend!

The next Quarterly Business Meeting is scheduled for Sunday April 19th, 2pm at Swingtime Center. In addition to the election of NORTEX Officers for 2015-2016 year, the Financial Review Chairman for 2015 and the NORTEX Budget for 2015-2016 will be presented to the NORTEX delegates for their approval. Remember, nominations for the elected offices can be made from the floor with the consent of the nominee and providing they meet the qualifications for the office.

We wish each of you a joyous Easter and Springtime season!

Ray & Vicki