Welcome to NORTEX


Thank you, to all who attended the November 16th Quarterly Business Meeting.  We appreciate your interest and input as the delegates conduct the business of the association. Some of the important items of business to take care of were the presentation and approval of the 2015-2016 Nominating Committee and the General Chair for the 2015 Round-Up. Anyone interested in serving as an elected NORTEX officer should submit a letter of intent to us and a copy to each member of the Nominating Committee by December 31, 2014. The Nominating Committee contact information is listed in this PROMENADE. The proposed slate of officers will be presented at the February Quarterly Business Meeting.

Dave and Lorraine Burson have a wonderful afternoon of dance planned for everyone on December 7th at the Richardson Civic Center. The Toys for Tots Dance and Toy Drop-Off is a great way to show our community philanthropic involvement.   The club wreath contest is always popular and this year you can use your credit card to purchase the wreath. Remember, the winning club is awarded PROMENADE ads. The full schedule is on the cover of this PROMENADE. Please bring your new dancers to get them involved.

SAVE the DATE – NORTEX is planning the Teen Scholarship Dance to be held after the February 22nd Quarterly Business Meeting at Swingtime Center. Chris and Carolyn Mills have promised a fun time while we raise money for the Teen Scholarship Fund.

We look forward to dancing with you during the upcoming holiday season. As 2014 comes to a close, we wish each of you a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year! Adopt new dancers and share the fun of attending the new dancer dances this season. This time of year provides many opportunities to dance and fellowship.

Dance in a square – make a circle of friends!

Ray & Vicki