Welcome to NORTEX

September gives us a promise of cooler weather around the corner and more great chances to enjoy our favorite activity of dancing.  It’s back to school, not only for the kiddos but also for many of our square dance, round dance and clogging clubs as they give lessons.  Be sure and let these new folks know how much fun dancing is and give them encouragement along the way.  Nothing helps retain students and turns them into club members more than friendly experienced dancers who know how to be good angels and mentors.

Thank you for attending the NORTEX business meeting on Sunday, August 20 at Swingtime Center.  Your continued interest and involvement in this process gives direction to the future of our organization and to our activity in the North Texas area.

NORTEX, our clubs and our dancers are continuing to “Rock Around the Clock”.  Many of our clubs have been having 50’s theme dances and these have been well attended.  Round-Up committee members as well as NORTEX officers have been visiting clubs to promote Round-Up to build up momentum for this event.  We can see the excitement in the air as these themed dances have been drawing large crowds of visiting dancers from other clubs.   Check your Promenade for details about future club 50’s themed dances and join us for the fun.   Round-Up is right around the corner and our Round-Up General Chair Joe and Pat Cadenhead and their committee have planned a full day of rock and roll fun.  What a great job they are doing.  Remember Callers Cavalcade is Friday October 20 and Round-Up is Saturday and Sunday October 21 and 22, at Grapevine Convention Center, 1209 South Main Street, Grapevine, Texas.

Don’t forget you can pre-register for Round-Up by going to www.nortex.org and click on Round-Up 2017. This saves you money compared to the ‘at the door’ price and makes for a quick and easy entrance into the event.  Also, there are savings by registering for Callers Cavalcade at the same time.  Remember to reserve your hotel room at Comfort Inn in Grapevine by calling 817-239-9300 and tell them you are with the NORTEX Square Dance Group so that you can get the discounted rate.  Rooms are going fast.  Club Presidents be sure and get your Round-Up Grand Prize tickets to sell.  This is a great way to bring money into your club.

We have a NORTEX Quarterly Business Meeting scheduled for Sunday, November 5, at 2:00pm.  Please mark your calendar.  Club Presidents and two Delegates from each club are the ones who control the direction of our Association.  Be sure to let your Area VP know if you have changes to your President or Delegates.

We want to thank all the Elected and Appointed Officers, Round-Up Committee Chairs, our other Committee Chairs and members for all the hard work they do.  It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve you, the dancers and clubs of NORTEX.  We are looking forward to seeing you as we visit your clubs and special dances and continue to “Live to Dance and Dance to Live”.



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