Welcome to NORTEX

spray_ray-vicki_bustDear Dancers,

August was a great month of dancing with so many Round-Up visitations by the Round-Up Committee and NORTEX Officers. There will be many more visits in September and the remainder in October.

Our Visitation Conductors, Peggy & Bascom Kemp, have put together a calendar to ensure each club a visit. The visit is a great opportunity to present your door prize to the committee for Round-Up. Please make sure the Visitation Committee takes pictures of your dance to display on the Round-Up website. The visitations are leading up to our highly anticipated Life’s Just a Dance weekend. The Callers Cavalcade starts the weekend celebration on Friday October 17th where we are entertained by our local NTCA talented and famous callers and cuers. This year, Saturday we are very lucky to have three staff callers including Jon Jones, Ray Savell and Bobby Willis. Also, Chris & Maria Farabaugh will entertain us with round dancing and some line dancing. Our featured caller is internationally known, Ken Bower. Many of you have danced with Ken and know how wonderful he is. Also, dance with us on Sunday morning to the all gospel program. All activities take place at the Grapevine Convention Center; come and stay the weekend at the Comfort Inn.

Many clubs are taking advantage of the Grand Prize ticket sales. The tickets are $1.00 and the club keeps $.50 of each ticket sold. Some clubs have sold over 1000 tickets! Contact Joyce Sellers & Charles Deckert for more tickets. The Promenade has all the info you need about the outstanding seven day cruise for two with a balcony stateroom and cash to cover gas and parking.  We want to thank Joyce and Charles for their diligence in acquiring such a great Grand Prize!

September comes with many clubs starting lessons. Check the listing at the back of this Promenade for all dance levels. We encourage you to invite friends, neighbors, coworkers and your church family to join the fun. This year we have a new NORTEX Office, Lessons Promotion. Richard & Jan Covington will be helpful in guiding clubs toward more successful lessons and dancer retention. Please be there to assist your club with new dancers and then to take the new dancers visiting. We were all new at one time and it can be intimidating.

We want to thank Sheila Milliron, Food Drive Dance Chairman and Mike Bramlett the NTCA Food Drive Coordinator for a very successful kick-off dance. We were able to give the area food banks enough to purchase 10,000 meals and several hundred pounds of food. Thank you to all dancers who contributed to this worthy cause.

We hope you have had an enjoyable summer as we are ready to celebrate Labor Day & Patriot Day this month. Also, many of us will enjoy spending time with our families on Grandparents’ Day and look forward to the first day of Autumn and maybe some cool weather.

Be safe and thankful for all we have living in this great USA as we pray for peace. God bless America!

Ray & Vicki