Welcome to NORTEX


Fellow NORTEX Dancers,

It’s August, meaning it’s hot and summer is almost over. However, NORTEX dancers and clubs will be busy beginning lessons, attending seven pre-Round-Up dances, two Double Deal dances, one Anniversary dance, the Informational Seminar and the NORTEX quarterly business meeting.

The first quarterly business meeting of the new NORTEX year will be at 2:00 pm, Sunday, August 18, 2019 at Swingtime Center in Fort Worth. Please plan to arrive early to visit and to sign in. All club presidents and two delegates from each club should be in attendance to control the business of your association. Please make certain your Area VP or the NORTEX Secretary have your current delegate information.

Immediately after the business meeting, there will be an Informational Seminar for club officers, delegates and any interested dancers. There is an ad in this Promenade with a tentative agenda. Please plan to attend and take advantage of the information that will be provided by your NORTEX Officers. This will be a great time to learn, to exchange ideas and to ask questions.

Your Round-Up co-chairs, Vicki & Ray Spray and Peggy & Bascom Kemp, and their committee are busy getting plans underway for “Deep in the Heart of Texas” on October 26, 2019 at the Grapevine Convention Center; NTCA will host their Callers Cavalcade at the same venue on Friday, October 25, 2019. What a great way to dance away the weekend. Round-Up is the only fundraiser held by NORTEX to help cover operational costs, such as Promenade printing, lessons grants, friendship bars and dangles, etc. Early registrations for both events can be made now for $30 per person, either by mail-in or online. See the mail-in ad on page 8 of this Promenade.

There are three other opportunities to get two signatures on your visitation cards in August with two Double Deal dances and one Anniversary dance. If you attend all the two signature dances this month, you will have 20 signatures and you will have supported other local clubs. Now, that is a fun way to enjoy the month.

If your club has new dancers or names were left off your renewal list, please send the members’ dues, names, addresses, zip + 4 and other pertinent information to the NORTEX Secretary as soon as possible to get information in the database. Members must be in the database in order to receive the Promenade.

I respectfully ask that clubs email or mail your club newsletter to your Area Vice President and to me. We have so many neat clubs in the association and reading your newsletters are a wonderful way to learn about your clubs’ activities, plan our personal calendars and schedule a visit to your clubs.

If you make even one person feel better today, your day was successful.