Welcome to NORTEX

NORTEX 2015 PresWe are extremely honored to have been chosen President of the North Texas Square and Round Dance Association for 2015-2016. NORTEX has such a depth of talented leaders in the past presidents and we can see that our work is cutout for us. The immediate past presidents Ray & Vicki Spray have been helpful preparing us for our new role. With the help of those whom have joined our team of elected and appointed officers, we are confident that we can rise to the challenge. We thank those who have agreed to serve with us and their willingness to help.

We need to thank everyone involved in our Installation Dance. It’s hard to have a party without guests and we really enjoyed having all of our dancing friends there to share the fun. Dances don’t just happen, but when you have an organizer like Debbie Anderson, our Installation Dance Chair, you know the dance will be a great success. We thank Debbie and the team of clubs supporting this dance for their talent and time. From setup to tear-down the Circle I, Diamond Jubileers, Dixie Chainers, Log Cabin Swingers, Rebel Rousers and Triangle Squares were there making everything look great and run smoothly. It’s not much of a party without entertainment and two of the best entertainers in our area were there for us. Mike & D’ Bramlett and Christine & Theron Hixson kept the party rocking.

We would like to add our congratulations to those award winners recognized at the Installation Dance this year. We truly appreciate the extra effort that these NORTEX members put into dancing in our area. Their efforts make our dance experience more enjoyable and fun.

July is not only the month we remember the birth of our nation, it is also a time when Round-Up preparations spread throughout the area. The Round-Up 2015 kick-off dance is Sunday, July 12th, at 5:30pm at Swingtime Center. Be sure to visit the Round-Up web site for information and photos. The Round-Up 2015 General Chair, Kevin & Christine Hadley, along with their committee members are working to give us another super event this October.

As you might have guessed from the Installation Dance theme and our logo, we are all about having a good time and trying to help everyone enjoy dancing. When dancers enjoy themselves it is easy to keep them dancing. We believe that entertainment is the foundation of dancing. We will be doing our best to promote this fundamental concept with dancers, clubs, the NTCA and anyone else that will help raise the awareness that dancing is FUN.

We are so glad to be a part of the dance community and are enjoying it so much. We are also glad to be able to support the dancers and clubs in the NORTEX area. In the coming months we will be working to share our enthusiasm throughout the area.

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