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February will be a very hectic month with different events going on: Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, Black History month, Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year and President’s day. It’s no less busy for our NORTEX clubs, with many dances and lessons going on. We have lots of opportunities to dance, learn and have fun.

February is a month of changes, our NORTEX Nominating Committee met on January 22, 2017. They have prepared a slate of officers to present to the delegates at our February Quarterly Meeting. The election of officers for 2017 – 2018 will take place at the April 30th Quarterly Business meeting. We want to thank the Nominating Committee for their commitment of preparing a slate of officers that will help guarantee the quality of officers for NORTEX. A copy of their recommendations will be in the March Promenade.

NORTEX Quarterly Meeting will be February 19, 2017 at 2pm. Mark your calendars for the NORTEX business meeting. If it becomes necessary for your club to send an alternate delegate, please remember that the alternate must secure an alternate delegate form from the President Pro-Tem, complete it, have it signed by his/her club president or by another listed delegate and give it to the NORTEX Secretary.

The NORTEX Officers, Clubs, and Club Presidents listing is in this issue of the Promenade, so you can pull those pages out and keep them handy. Some of the clubs have changed the dates of their club dances and changed their officers. Please let us know the new president’s name, address, telephone number, and email address so we can keep our files updated. Please notify us if there is any correction needed.

The NTCA singing call of the year was a very successful event and a fun dance to attend. It is always enjoyable to be at a dance that our cuers and callers are celebrating their talents. Congratulation to the winner of the singing call and round dance of the year. We also extend our thanks to Jon Jones, immediate Past President of NTCA, and his officers for their leadership this past year, and we congratulate and extend our best wishes to Bobby Willis, NTCA President and his group of officers for the coming year.

Again, thanks for sharing your club newsletters and keeping us informed about all your activities. We appreciate the dedication of our callers, cuers, angels, club officers and all NORTEX members       “Dance, It’s Entertainment, it’s Fun!”

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