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Dear NORTEX Family,

As I begin to write this August article, all I can think of is I really miss dancing and seeing all of you!

You are aware by now that Swingtime Center has not reopened.  The CASUL Board has put the health of the dancers, callers and cuers first.  We need to say, “Thank You, CASUL”.  It was a very disappointing decision for the dancers, callers and cuers of North Texas.  However, Swingtime is not the only dance facility that has not opened.  Many clubs have cancelled dances because their dance facility is closed.  With Swingtime Center not reopening, the August NORTEX Quarterly meeting will, with the approval of Club Presidents and Past Presidents, be an electronic email meeting.

Our Country is going through unprecedented times and changes.  With the daily news, we watch and wonder when there will be some return to normal.  We all miss our dancing and are ready to get back to the fun and social gathering of square and round dancing.  However, during this pandemic, we must maintain patience and flexibility if our plans change.

Recently, I had to make the very difficult decision to cancel the NORTEX 2020 Round-Up.  Our plans had to change due to the pandemic.  As your President, I must put the health and safety of you, the NORTEX Dancers first.

I have had phone conversations with several dancers that are bored with staying home.  Others of you are going to work daily.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, has a great deal of information on the pandemic, including stress and coping.  Please see the NORTEX Corner for the CDC website information.  My days are full of my contract work, working on NORTEX and being a semi caregiver for members of my family.  I make sure I have down time each evening.  It may be watching a TV show, reading a novel, playing games on the internet, or working on a hobby.  Take time just to relax and have peaceful thoughts.

It is unknown when this coronavirus pandemic will end.  However, “this too shall pass”.  Stay Safe!

Be of a positive mind.

Virtual Hugs,
Debbie Anderson