Welcome to NORTEX

Wow, what a great time of the year. March 20 is the official first day of Spring. We can say goodbye to the Winter doldrums, cabin fever, short days and long nights. New energy arrives as most of us venture out to do our favorite outdoor activities. This is a wonderful time to take advantage of the many Club Anniversaries that are happening in March.   Lots of clubs are giving lessons right now, and if you love nurturing a new awakening in the Spring this is the perfect time to nurture your students by angeling and supporting them as they become the new growth for your club.

The February NORTEX quarterly business meeting was very busy. The proposed slate of officers for the NORTEX 2018-2019 year was presented by the Nominating Committee. The election of officers will be at the next business meeting on April 15, and of course, nominations can always be made from the floor.

The Lessons Grant Benefit Dance following the February business meeting was another success. It was a repeat of last year’s “Crazy Cookie Dance”.   Callers Bobby Willis and Ray Savell along with Cuer Jack von der Heide donating their time and did a great job. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it a success and especially we want to thank all who made donations to the fund. A sustainable Lessons Grant program might be one of the keys to our clubs having a sustainable

We want to thank all the callers, cuers, angels, club officers and all dancers, as well as NORTEX officers and committee chairs. It is truly an honor to serve you, the dancers and clubs of NORTEX. We are looking forward to seeing you as we visit your clubs and special dances and continue to “Live to Dance and Dance to Live”.



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