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NORTEX 2015 Pres

What a great time we have had leading up to Round-Up 2015. All of the work and effort the Round-Up Committee has put into this event is just overwhelming. The support from clubs is so gratifying. It is the same great weekend event that it has always been and it continues to evolve. We continue to have outstanding caller/cuer staff and a fun filled schedule, but this year there are new vendors and Saturday food service and more. We must thank the Round-Up Committee members for their innovation and hard work. Of course the event would be nothing without you, the dancers, who come out to share the fun and friendship we all enjoy so much.

As we enjoy Round-Up and it becomes a fond memory we look forward to the holiday season. There are so many opportunities to share wonderful times with friends and family. We hope that with the many options we have to spend our free time that the NORTEX dancers will make some time for dancing. So many clubs have special dances that benefit the children and the needy of our community. Even NORTEX has a special dance December 6th benefitting the USO. If you have the opportunity in the middle of your travel plans and family visits please consider dancing at these special dances not only for the fun of it, but also to support community involvement activities.

November is an important month for NORTEX. This is our final quarterly business meeting for the year. New information is normally presented at this meeting so please try to join us on Sunday, November 15th 2:00 PM, at Swingtime Center.

Our focus this year has been on the fun and entertainment of dancing. While this continues to be a priority for us we recognize that NORTEX dancers have other interests and activities that are their priorities. We greatly appreciate the support and involvement of dancers, clubs, callers, cuers and clogging instructors in making this such an enjoyable pastime. We also want to say that we know you must balance your lives. There is a time for dancing, a time for helping your clubs and a time to support other dance organizations. We also understand that your families and other community activities are important parts of your lives. We encourage you to maintain those connections with family, friends and other community organization during this holiday season. Just remember that your, “Dance Family”, will be here when time allows you to be with us and we look forward to seeing you because, DANCE, IT’S ENTERTAINMENT, IT’S FUN!

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