Welcome to NORTEX


What a wonderful time of the year! Spring has sprung and we have an excuse for step dancing and partying on St. Patrick’s Day. We can even pretend to be Irish, which seems to be a lot of fun. We had a suggestion from a dancer that we should have a Q & A section in the Promenade.

We are pleased to accommodate, if needed. If anyone has a question that you feel other dancers would like to see a response, please email president@nortex.org. These will be published in the Promenade as space is available.

There are many projects that our dancers undertake to benefit all dancers. One of these projects is the glossary which is included in this issue. This glossary is helpful to everyone – all dancers, new and experienced. Many hours went into the final edition. Realize that this is a document that can change with our ever changing activity.

Also, in this issue is a very informative article about the 80/20 reality. This can be used to start the conversation in your club concerning responsibility and growth.

We are so energized to see the many new students in classes this spring and eager to join our fun activity.

Ray & Vicki