Welcome to NORTEX


Fellow NORTEX Dancers,

Thank you to all who attended the August 18 NORTEX quarterly business meeting and stayed for the Informational Seminar. Your interest and involvement in your association is greatly appreciated by me and the NORTEX officers. Our next quarterly business meeting is November 17, 2pm at Swingtime Center and the next Informational Seminar is tentatively planned for February. Please watch the Promenade for more information on these two events.

We welcome September with school back in session, football games starting and square & round dance and clogging lessons in progress. Don’t forget to attend lessons and welcome the students. Seeing smiling, welcoming faces at lessons encourages the students to return each week. Remember, the students are the lifeblood of square dancing.

I hope everyone is enjoying the pre-Round-Up dances as much as I am. I love seeing everyone decked out in western and Texan attire. Don’t forget that these dances are two-signatures on your Friendship cards. “Deep in the Heart of Texas” early registrations are continuing to be submitted by those taking advantage of the $30 bundled price. This special pricing ends October 1, 2019, so please use the Round-Up mail-in registration form in this Promenade, or go to the website (nortex.org) and register online. Make a fun weekend by staying at the Comfort Inn. You can call them directly to make reservations; just let them know you are with NORTEX.

There are several special days in September with: Labor Day, September 2, traditionally the end of summer; Grandparents Day, September 8, where you can enjoy those wonderful grandchildren or great- grandchildren; and Patriot Day, September 11, where we pause in remembrance of the tragic deaths on September 11, 2001. We also have several pre-Round-Up dances scheduled in September which will keep us busy.

Until next month, keep dancing and smiling, and when you can’t find the Sunshine, BE the Sunshine! Yellow Rocks,

Debbie Anderson
NORTEX President, 2019-2020