Welcome to NORTEX

NORTEX 2015 PresThe summer months are a busy time of year and your  NORTEX officers and committees are busy as well.  We have started down the road to another fun filled and entertaining Round-Up.  Your Round-Up chairman, Kevin and Christine Hadley and their committees have several new things for us to look forward to; like food service at the convention center on Saturday morning and afternoon. Your Area Vice Presidents and the NORTEX Club Coordinators are working with club Presidents to schedule visits to each of your clubs during the weeks prior to Round-Up. The fun just never stops in the summer.

Along with all this fun, we do have some work to do. Please remember the NORTEX quarterly business meeting on Sunday, August 16th, at 2:00 pm at Swingtime Center. The NORTEX Secretary and Area Vice Presidents will be working with clubs to get an accurate list of your presidents and delegates. Please be sure to pass your information along as soon as it becomes available.

As we have shared with the NORTEX officers, you might have noticed by now that we are focused on the entertainment value of dancing.   It was the joy and fun of dancing that attracted us to square dancing and has held us in the activity.   We have made it a priority and we want to do all we can to help dancers and clubs experience the same level of fun and enjoyment that we have.
           This is why we keep saying; DANCE, It’s Entertainment, It’s FUN
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