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NORTEX 2015 PresIt’s that time of year when things start coming back to life after winter’s cold embrace. We start working around the house and yard to help things grow and return to a more active time. Our dance community is doing the same. Club lessons are in full swing and many anniversary dances are scheduled for March. NORTEX officers and committees are busy working on many projects and efforts to support the member clubs. We are all active and moving with renewed energy after our winter’s rest.

Our February NORTEX business meeting was a very busy one. We heard the normal information plus several other items. Ray and Vicki Spray reviewed the Round-Up 2016 survey and awarded a prize to one lucky participant. The Round-Up survey is such a valuable tool and we have developed new ideas and activities base upon your input. Please keep helping us in this area. New ideas were presented to help clubs with their lessons programs. We thank the club delegates for their review of these ideas and final decision on our approach. With Lessons Grants being such a focus we took a different direction with the dance following the meeting. The “Crazy Cookie Dance” following the meeting was a benefit dance for Lesson Grants. It was an opportunity for dancers to support club lessons with their donations. We thank everyone for their donations and all who helped make this the success that it was.

Also presented at the February NORTEX business meeting were a slate of new officers for the NORTEX 2017-2018 year. We want to thank the Nominating Committee and those willing to offer their support as possible NORTEX officers. Just as your clubs need volunteers so does NORTEX. Your efforts and willingness to help are so important and greatly appreciated. The new set of NORTEX officers will be elected at the next business meeting. Please remember that the next NORTEX Quarterly Meeting will be April 30, 2017 at 2pm

Again March is a big month for club anniversary dances. Six clubs have anniversary dances this month. We encourage all dancers to attend these events. They are great gatherings with great food and wonderful callers and cuers. Please be sure to attend as many as you can. The clubs are all out there putting in extra effort for our benefit, So get out there and;

“Dance, It’s Entertainment, it’s Fun!”

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