Advertised Special Dances

5/1 North Texas Camping Squares Dance Schedule
5/1 Log Cabin Swingers Monthly Dance Schedule
5/5 T Square Gadabouts First Friday Dance
5/5 Texas Reelers Cinco de Mayo
5/6 @ Circle 8 70th Anniversary Dance
5/6 Circle I Graduation Dance
5/6 @ Log Cabin Swingers 42nd Anniversary Dance
5/11 Lone Star Solos Monthly Dance Schedule
5/12 Cliff Dwellers Prom Night
5/12 Rockwall Squares Fiesta Time
5/12 Stone Steppers Merry Month of May Dance
5/12 NDD Swinging Stars Chocoholic Frolic
5/13 Cotton Pickin’ Squares Merry Month of May
5/13 Diamond Jubileers Spring into Spring
5/18 Roadrunners Dizzy for Disney Night
5/19 Kissin’ Kuzzins Backing the Blue
5/19 T Square Gadabouts Mother’s Day Dance
5/19 NDD Texas Reelers Gospel Jubilee New Dancer Dance
5/20 Rebel Rousers Red White & Blue All Singing Call Dance
5/20 @ Trail Blazers Prime Time – 47th Anniversary
5/26 Fort Worth Squares Hello, Yellow
5/26 Stone Steppers Memorial Day Salute
5/27 Dixie Chainers Dixie Chainers Memorial Day Dance
5/27 Tri-City Promenaders Memorial Day Dance
5/29 CASUL-T Square Gadabouts Memorial Day Dance
6/30 @ Texas Reelers Sail Away with the Reelers
7/15 @ Rebel Rousers Texas Heritage 28th Anniversary Dance