Advertised Special Dances

6/1 Lone Star Solos We have Moved
6/1 Roadrunners Shake Your Pelvis for Elvis
6/2 Kissin’ Kuzzins Flip Flop into Summer
6/3 @ Circle I Starry Starry Night
6/2 T Square Gadabouts First Friday Dance
6/2 Texas Reelers Psychedelic 60’s
6/3 Log Cabin Swingers Monthly Dances
6/8 Lone Star Solos June Dance Schedule
6/9 Cliff Dwellers Take me out to the ball game
6/9 NDD Pioneers New Dancer Dance
6/9 Stone Steppers Beach Party Dance
6/10 NDD Diamond Jubileers New Dancer Dance, Sport Night
6/15 Roadrunners Tie-Dye for Summer Fun
6/16 T Square Gadabouts All Singing Call Dance
6/16 Texas Reelers Cowboy & Cowgirl Ball
6/16 Triangle Squares Salute to Dads Everywhere!
6/17 Circle I Summer Vacation
6/17 Rebel Rousers Hot Diggity Dog Dane
6/17 Trail Blazers Family Picnic
6/23 Fort Worth Sqaures Leafy Green
6/23 Stone Steppers Old Fashioned Ice Cream Dance
6/23 Swinging Stars Beach Party Dance
6/24 DD Cotton Pickin’ Squares Double Deal Dance
6/24 Dixie Chainers Joey Duhamel, Special Guest Caller
6/24 Tri-City Promenaders Summer Time and The Living is Easy
6/30 @ Texas Reelers Sail Away with the Reelers
7/15 @ Rebel Rousers 28th Anniversary – Texas Heritage
11/30 @ Lone Star Solos 5A1:D283rd Anniversary Dance